A Fantastic and Formidable Attorney

Posted by anonymous
July 28, 2016

David Greenberg is one of the best trial attorneys in Southern California. His 20 years in the District Attorney's Office have allowed him to master the art of trial litigation. His extreme work ethic and energy are used solely for the benefit of his clients. Every person requiring the services of an attorney should put Mr. Greenberg at the top of their list. Mr. Greenberg's deep understanding of criminal law and criminal procedure are virtually unparalleled and make him a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. His confidence, charisma, and ability to explain the strengths and weaknesses of any case make him not only an exceptional advocate, but an excellent adviser.

One of the BEST! 

Posted by Luis
November 3, 2015

David Greenberg is one of the most premiere legal minds that I have ever come across in my 30 years of Law Enforcement and Investigative experience. I've had the pleasure of working with David and witnessing first hand the incredible success of David's legal knowledge, professionalism, commitment, resources, and passion for doing the right thing. David's dedication for helping individuals and causes that would otherwise not have a voice is unparalleled. David's work ethic, honesty, tenacity, along with his admirable charisma is just plain outstanding and unrivaled. It is truly my pleasure and honor in recommending Mr. David Greenberg!

Got my case not filed!

Posted by Troy 

I hired David Greenberg as my defense attorney, and he has been nothing but great! He got my case not filed, and got everything done and handled in a timely manner. 
Great Choice. 

High Profile Attorney

Posted by Isaac

I would like to commend Attorney David Greenberg for a job well done. From the very start when Mr. Greenberg took my case, I felt like I was a close family member. Mr. Greenberg’s passion for my case was amazing to watch. I could tell that he really cared about me and wanted the best outcome for me. I felt that I was not just a number. There was strong communication between us and I was never left out in the dark. The court process was explained very clearly which put me at ease. Mr. Greenberg’s wealth of knowledge regarding case laws, court motions, expert witnesses and best strategies was truly impressive. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Greenberg to anyone for Criminal Defense. Mr. Greenberg is definitely operating as a “whale” statue and is a very high profile attorney in the Palm Desert area. If you want the best, you have to go with Mr. Greenberg.

Can’t’ Say Thanks Enough!

Posted by Shirley

I have to repeat it again...I can’t say thanks enough to David! We had to deal with an unfortunate severe legal case, lasting over a year and a half. With David’s knowledge and professionalism, he got us the best possible outcome. Believe in his experience.

The Best

Posted by Rolando

No one wants to be taken to court. But taking Mr.Greenberg with you makes the court wish they wouldn’t have brought you there. In the world of law where nothing is guaranteed, you can almost be sure you’re getting the best outcome possible with David representing you. This guy works magic. Highly recommend.

Professionalism and Excellence

Posted by Brianna

Mr. David Greenberg went above and beyond to help me obtain the best possible outcome for my case. He demonstrates tremendous professionalism, great communication skills, profound knowledge of the law, and passion for his job. He worked diligently and provided me with updated information throughout my case making the process less stressful. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. I would recommend Mr. David Greenberg to anyone because he is simply the best.

La Quinta C

Posted by Chris
Had I not hired David Greenberg, there is no question I would be the unfortunate ‘owner’ of a criminal record this week. His in-depth knowledge of the California laws turned a likely guilty, or no contest plea into a diversion program that ultimately leaves me with no record at all. My profession has a zero tolerance of criminal records, no matter how petty they may be. David is a great person who cares, and definitely knows his way around a court room. If you’ve experienced an unfortunate situation that can risk your future, you’re in the most capable hands with him. ATTORNEYS DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Great lawyer


Greenberg is an amazing criminal defense attorney, & his awards say the same. I was referred to him for my issues & he made the whole thing a lot less stressful. He made everything easy to follow and explained everything very thoroughly. I would recommend him to everybody in need of a defense attorney.

Simply the best

Posted by Tony

David Greenberg was simply amazing on my case. His knowledge of the law, and all of the players on the other side (from his past experience as the Chief of the DA’s Office) were invaluable. There is no question he is the only attorney that could have gotten me this deal. I would highly recommend him for anyone that finds themself in trouble.

Denise J.

Never in my life did I ever think I would need an attorney, and certainly not a team of attorneys! This was the most difficult time in my life and David Greenberg was compassionate, non-judgmental and responsive throughout his representation and tender of my defense. Rodney Soda handled a coinciding civil matter and was a consummate professional. The communication was outstanding - I was always kept in the loop on the status of my case and strategy for the next step(s). Knowing that these men had my best interests in their hands gave me the peace of mind and confidence not to give up. I was witness to both Mr. Greenberg and Mr. Soda being well-respected not only by their peers, but by Judges, DA's, Bail Bondsmen and court personnel. The outcome of my case was beyond best case scenario ... in fact, it was miraculous! I owe my freedom and my ability to enjoy the rest of my life to these men.

Sylvia Kathawa

I could have hired any law firm in the valley. I chose Soda and Greenberg for their experience and professionalism. Since this was a first for me I was worried about not knowing anything about the process. Once I met with David Greenberg and Rod Soda I knew I made the right decision to hire them. I felt very secure in my belief that they would be there for me every step of the way. I highly recommend this law firm.

Laura D.

I hired Mr. Greenberg. Very Professional and understands the law inside and out. He is also a caring human being and is very involved in his community especially with youth. He isn't in it just for money. I can't say enough about him and his team and the respect I was shown. He is also very open and supportive of veterans.

David C.

David Greenberg is without question one of the best attorneys I've ever dealt with. Great dude too!

Coleen R.

I am very thankful with the outcome from David Greenberg's representation. David is a fighter, and his experience and expertise are beyond comparison.


I had an issue where a family member had been accused of assault. Law enforcement had interview my family member and we thought the case was resolved. At a later date we were told that the law enforcement agency was preparing to file the case with the District Attorney’s office. Up until that time we had not contacted an Attorney. When I received the information about the filing I called David immediately. I had worked with David on a domestic violence board, Shelter from the Storm and with the DA’s office and was familiar With his experience and reputation. I explained the situation and asked for his representation in the matter. I provided a little background on the history of the accusation, the case number and agency involved, David did the rest. In a matter of days David tracked down the investigating supervisor spoke with him and had the case resolved. No filing, no court, David kept us in the loop throughout the process. His experience, skill and care allowed for a quick resolution in this case. I certainly appreciate all that he did for my family. We are very grateful for him in handling this in a timely manner taking away a lot of anxiety.


As a lawyer in Southern California, I have worked with Dave for over 15 years. I have personally worked on cases with Dave and referred friends and family to his office. He has always received amazing results and been extremely helpful, professional, and diligent for his clients. I wholeheartedly recommend contacting Dave Greenberg for any criminal or legal issue in Southern California.

Attorney Endorsements 

Ghazal Sharif, 

Criminal defense Attorney on Jun 6
Relationship: Co-worker

David is a talented, driven and compassionate criminal defense lawyer. He has decades of experience and a deep understanding of criminal law. With this experience and knowledge, he resolves problems in a logical and assertive manner and gets the best possible outcome for all of his clients.

Manny Bustamante 

I have known David personally and professionally for a little over 14-years. David is an outstanding advocate. He knows how to cut to the chase and address the issue(s) with a case and with his incredible energy he can clearly communicate that to a judge and/or jury to help them agree with his client's position. Credibility is everything in the legal profession, and more importantly in the courtroom. David has established his over 20+ years in the legal field with much of that time in a courtroom trying case. His results clearly speak to that. Suffice to say, I do endorse.

Brendan Raven,

Criminal defense Attorney on May 21, 2018
Relationship: Co-worker

I endorse this lawyer. David Greenberg is an excellent litigator and trial attorney who zealously represents each and every client who has the good fortune to have him as an attorney. He is also an excellent communicator and compassionate counselor who delivers peace of mind to all of his clients. His expertise is unparalleled, and he has achieved plenty of victories in very difficult or even nearly impossible circumstances.

James Rogan 

David Greenberg is one of the best trial attorneys in Southern California. His 20 years in the District Attorney's Office have allowed him to master the art of trial litigation. His extreme work ethic and energy are used solely for the benefit of his clients. Every person requiring the services of an attorney should put Mr. Greenberg at the top of their list. Mr. Greenberg's deep understanding of criminal law and procedure is virtually unparalleled and make him a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. His confidence, charisma, and ability to explain the strengths and weaknesses of any case make him not only an exceptional advocate, but an excellent adviser. I endorse this lawyer.

James Graff Radford

Litigation Attorney 

As a former prosecutor with decades of experience trying major cases, David Greenberg earned a reputation as a formidable yet respected trial attorney. Together with the savvy of his law partner, Rod Rod Soda, David is positioned to navigate the complexities of the system and achieve optimal results for clients. A dynamic combination of strategic thinking and tenacity make Rod and David day a force to be reckoned throughout Southern California. If you’re seeking proactive advice or needing counsel in protracted litigation, look no further than David Greenberg.

Tecla Lunak

Divorce and Separation Attorney

David Greenberg is a skilled and effective trial attorney. Comfortable and confident in the courtroom, he is diligent, hard-working, and always committed to achieving the best outcome for his clients. He will offer clients candid advice and guidance, which is invaluable. Clients will be in good hands with this attorney.

Peter Nolan

Litigation Attorney 

I endorse this lawyer. David has unmatched trial skills and nobody fights harder for their clients. I would recommend David for anyone needing a criminal defense attorney.


Evonne Fisher 

David is smart, aggressive, tough, and a winner!

Erin Mayo

David is an outstanding attorney! I endorse this lawyer. David is an outstanding attorney who is always willing to go the extra mile for his clients. Clients always know they are in good hands with David and appreciate the compassion, commitment and communication they receive from him. Clients always know what is going on and how their case is progressing - fellow attorneys always know who to turn to for advice!

Robin Sax

I endorse this lawyer for so many reasons. I have known him as prosecutor, as a defense attorney, and a zealous advocate on both sides. He is not only hard working but he is a force to be reckoned with-- he gives his heart and soul to his clients and is a great advocate.


Tara Gallogly

David is uniquely qualified. David Greenberg has fostered valuable relationships with prosecutors, judges and court staff in the courthouses he serves. As such, he is uniquely qualified when it comes to negotiations and trial strategies. A client would be hard-pressed to find better representation as a result.


Susan Haber 

I highly recommend David Greenberg. His legal and procedural knowledge of criminal law, along with his extensive background, training and practical experience as a litigator, provides him with the unique and stellar ability to zealously defends his clients.

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