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Our Newest Update, if you need a criminal lawyer, David is your lawyer.

Our Team


​Rod Soda has been the preeminent litigator and criminal defense attorney in the Coachella Valley for almost 4 decades. He has tried hundreds, if not thousands of criminal & civil cases with outstanding results. He also started his carreer in the District Attorney's office. Rod Soda has an impeccable reputation within the Coachella Valley and greater Southern California. 

David Greenberg is the former Chief Deputy District Attorney of the Riverside County District Attorney's Office. With more than 20 years of award winning experience as a prosecutor in your courtrooms, David has unmatched insight into the inner-workings of law enforcement, the prosecutorial process in your case, and the judiciary. Let David put that knowledge to work for you.


The Law Offices of Soda & Greenberg have attained the highest rating in Martindale Hubble-the preeminent A.V. rating.  Click Here


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Areas of Practice


All Criminal Defense









   Domestic Violence

   Festival Arrests




   Child Abuse




   Gang Cases



All Civil Litigation



David Greenberg of the Law Offices of Soda & Greenberg is the top Criminal Defense team in the Coachella Valley.  

Winning Trials,  Toughness,  Experience, and an unmatched insight into what Law Enforcement will bring to bear in the case against you - David will fight for you, and defend your rights!  Think you might be charged with a crime?  Just been arrested?  Been charged with a crime ?  Please come in now for a free consultation, and learn what David Greenberg of the Law Offices of Soda & Greemberg, can do for you.

Have the same or similar concern about a civil matter or lawsuit that you may become involved in or are already involved in. Know your rights. Talk to people who have been there and won IN COURT!  Call 760-320-2000 or email

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